, posted: 2-Sep-2006 20:18

yet again i encournter erlang .. people out that have acually heard of it, not just the crazy people i work with. erlang has kinda been my hammer for a while... (i blame geoff) but in a closet way. when java is your hammer, everything looks like a nail... well, with erlang there aren't so many nails but i've seen a few designs around, but i haven't seen a real project kick off yet. (only one internal forever delayed project i'm trying hard to forget i ever heard of) and then i see someone's gone and made a database abstraction later. There's also a few discussions about concurrent processing that are just crying out for the author to discover erlang.


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Comment by freitasm, on 2-Sep-2006 22:08

And here I thought you were talking about Erlang Unit, as in the thing I've worked with before my Geekzone days:

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