so, what is "Mobile Number Portability"

, posted: 6-Sep-2006 08:56

i keep bumping into folks who haven't hear dof it, so i thought i'd do a short summary MNP means you can swap telcos without losing your phone number It doesn't mean that you and your telecom phone can just ring up vodafone and get it connected to their network, you gotta buy a vodafone cellphone and then ring up and get it connected with your old number.. (the logistics of setting up accounts i don't know.) That means, you can have a phone number like 0271234567, but that won't mean you're on telecom. You could be on Vodafone, or Telstra, or even that GSM telco in auckland i forgot the name of. It'll spell the end of deals where you get cheaper/free services between customer's of the same telco, such as Vodafone's free weekend sms between 021s.. because 021 won't necesarily mean they're vodafone. When will this happen - i think the commerce commision said it's gotta be availble in April 2007. telecom's page is here: Tcom MNP i'll find the vfone one later.. gotta run for the bus now. p.s. why can't i put quots in the title field... bleh.

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Comment by sbiddle, on 6-Sep-2006 09:17

It doesn't mean the end of 'on network' deals. For voice calls you'll be told by a prerecorded message whether your call in on or off network as happens in other countries.

SMS is another issue - it will be interesting to see how that is handled.

Comment by Brenda, on 6-Sep-2006 19:23

i wonder if it will end's vodafone's requirement to change number when flipping from post to pre... or will you have to flip to telecom and then back again to do that... they'll probably make you buy a new sim or some other silly thing.

Comment by chiefie, on 7-Sep-2006 09:09

Sounds good, about time you can port your number wherever you go.

Also, word is, Vodafone's Pre-Post number portability should be on its way i think. At least I hope so... maybe be in time around April 2007 with CC's MNP.

p/s: I realised that you can use quote in the title 2 days ago too.. bummer.

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