, posted: 7-Sep-2006 08:28

Watched a movie on the weekend: Metropolis It deals in futuristic dystopia, mob mentality, and robots that look like people. The original was premiered in 1927, shown just once, and then withdrawn immediately. The film was then sliced and diced, and turned into a completely different story, re-released to cinemas, and then proceeded to be a complete flop. So, this decade, the film was restored back to the original story. You gotta wonder why? what was wrong with the original story that caused the film studio to quake and tremble and turn the tale into something so weak. the original deals with a society with a mass of opressed overworked workers in the lower city, and a small group of elite who frolic in the eternal gardens. The workers are incited to riot by a robot woman promising them a way out of their strife in the sliced and diced version that flopped, the opressed workers are incited to riot when they hear that they are going to be replaced with robots.. A far inferior tale, but one that makes it seem the workers want their jobs. I haven't spoiled the movie at all (methinks)... i recommend watching it.

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