wanted - audio fm transmitter

, posted: 21-Sep-2006 10:35

and i'm drowning in all the sales talk about how wonderful to be tube~!~!~!~! wireless i want a audio transmitter for my PC, to send the awesome music to my lounge sterero, BUT, it needs to have a switch on it to instead send the signale to my wired in PC speakers at other times. something $30 or less - - or i'll just give up and build it meself.

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Comment by sbiddle, on 21-Sep-2006 11:53

Have you looked at the USB FM transmitters DSE sell? They work very well but I'm unsure of their support under Linux.

Comment by muppet, on 21-Sep-2006 15:02

Support under Linux is fine for those. They don't have the switch you're after though. Their transmit range is also *terrible* - So weak. Works well for me, I broadcast TripleJ's 128k stream from Australia 24/7 and I can pick it up well a little radio I have. It has a *big* antenna though. Mostly, these wireless FM things are pretty poky.

Author's note by taniwha, on 21-Sep-2006 15:06

but it seems a nice way to have my PC piping tunes from amarok all over the house (which is wired into the lounge stereo).... but still be able to play games and such without piping that all over the house. just a switch.. but without adding noise.

Comment by sbiddle, on 21-Sep-2006 15:45

The good thing about the USB transmitter under Windows is that is installs as it's own Wave driver. This means I can also stream stations using a small mp3 player on my PC using the USB Wave source while still using the speakers for other audio.

Comment by alasta, on 21-Sep-2006 22:16

Most off-the-shelf FM transmitters are pretty hopeless because they're designed to comply with the American FCC's restrictions on transmission power. The only FM transmitter that I've used and found to produce pleasing results was the Griffin iTrip Auto, but that's not much use to you unless you have a car and an iPod!

Comment by JAMMAN2110, on 21-Sep-2006 23:03

Im modifying a DSE FM transmitter as we speak... I found it has awesome range when you stick it to your cieling (think down the road) but Im hoping I can improve on that as well as add 3.5mm Jack ;)

Comment by Junior, on 19-Sep-2008 15:52

What's the range for the USB Transmitter?

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