in search of media heaven, take 2

, posted: 24-Sep-2006 13:53

so, a gave up on the FM transmitter method of getting my music where i want it to be... take 2 was an old PC... the idea being, it might have a teeny tiny harddrive but it'll mount samba or nfs shares, and stream radio from teh interwebs or other places on the LAN (we got a nifty wifi mesh going between neighbours here in hippy aro valley). it'd also manage downloads and bittorrents, since all my music comes from lovely indie artists who let me do that (so much easier, without that bitter drm) and do, i assembled it (actaully, the hubband assembled it, but i was "managing" or something).. but alas, on boot from a ubuntu cd it always crapped out with kernel panics. booted back to bios, and did a memcheck... sadly both ram sticks are shite. so, we're almost there, but needing some PC133 to get going again. don't really wanna pay much for this, so i'll be checking what the employer sends to the skip in the next month, and i might be lucky. any hoo.. the plan was to install dapper on it, and run up amarok, storing in a postgresql database. then, since i'm currently addicted to ajax uis thanks to scripalicious, i was gonna make a http served UI to browse the "collection".. I was kinda hoping i could make calls to amarok running on localhost, through some QT like something (the name escapes me)... instead of needing to make my own queries into postgresql. That way, when amarok changes the storage format i don't need to change my code.. after all, i have to make calls to amarok to get it playing tracks. but - that's a project for the next rainy weekend. It's overcast today, but not actually raining - and i only write GPL code when it rains (it's a rule!)

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