pulsar headphones (stereo bluetooth) - with PHOTOS!

, posted: 26-Sep-2006 19:00

Well - less than 24 hours after we ordered the headphones, they arrived on my desk at work.

They are the Plantronics Pulsar 590A Bluetooth Headset

It's doing bluetooth 2.0, which means many things, but most importantly it copes well in a room that's already full of wifi.

Things i'm doing with these:

  1. Listening to ipod, which is in my jacket pocket, wirelessly
  2. Listening to podcasts stored on my cellphone
  3. answering my cellphone, and talking on the telecoping microphone
  4. watching a dvd, wirelessly, on the big tv without distrubing people reading books in the same lounge
  5. watching divx on the pda (okay, that doesn't need to be wireless, but it's still kewl)
  6. headset for making voip calls - using that nifty OpenWengo (which has replaced my phone line)

hover mouse over image to zoom

My previous headset was an Ericsson HBH65
photo of ericsson hbh65 headsetphoto of me wearing the hbh65
that worked fine for a while, but then wifi took off, and it coudln't cope with sharing - there are now very few places where it was reliable.

and the mono headsets make you look as cool as this guy:
bluetooth headsets are cool

Stereo bluetooth headsets make you look kewl like this guy:
Simon of Mojo

I got a Jabra headset, but it was too big, and i gave it away to my dad.

These headphones fit perfectly, have a much longer battery life (about 12 hours they say), and don't look nearly so dorky. I still look like i'm talking to myself on the bus, but that just means i'll get a seat to myself ;-)

and, since you were gonna ask - Open Wengo: - an opensource voip client, that even works on windows
Open Wengo

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