just how incompentant is telstraclear?

, posted: 30-Sep-2006 14:46

The previous occupants of this house had a telstra package of some kind, and of course wanted to get it disconnected when they left and moved to Australia.. despite calls, lotsa hold music, letters, faxes, returning the subsequent bills back unpaid, telstra just didn't know how to stop the services, and continued to send bills for months. There's a telstra landline in here that nobody wants - and probably cable TV too. meanwhile, we move in (the place had been vacant for a couple months), and connect up a cable modem with telstra. and then we learn the genuises at Telstra sent our first month's bill to our name, but at the previous occupant's new address in Perth, Australia. how the hell did they get it this mixed up?

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Comment by freitasm, on 30-Sep-2006 14:56

lol... Sorry for laughing, but it's a comedy of errors. Fear nothing, I am sure this will be sorted out soon.


Author's note by taniwha, on 30-Sep-2006 14:58

i just can't bear to listen to another hour of hold music

Comment by alasta, on 30-Sep-2006 17:28

Your experience sounds like it's about what I have come to expect from TelstraClear.

The previous tenants of your home can now look forward to getting a couple of $600 invoices for the modem and TV decoder which they have already returned. On the other hand, maybe TelstraClear will stuff up even further and address those invoices to you!

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