what gadget next?

, posted: 7-Oct-2006 16:51

i'm running out of gadgets to covet. right now i'm looking at the Nokia bluetooth pens - - i've drooled over the idea of these many times - - but i've never seen one first hand. The idea is you write notes on paper using this pen, and some encoding of the image yoiu drew is sent to your nokia devices (assumably a cellphone) - where it appears as a png. you can then send that my email or MMS - - . I brain storm on paper alot. I tried using pda apps, like Brain Forest or Thought Manager - - in fact i wrote a whole nanowrimo in brain forest (in the wrong month, but it counts). Paper appeals for some brain storms that don't fit in the pda. - - and taking photos of the image doesn't really cut it. I need a new cellphone. I always dally with the notion of getting a GSM phone again - I'm like this Nokia 6708 - but i know it won't make me happy, not really. Being a vodafone customer was always such hard work, and they don't have the one "deal" i actaully use ($10 txt). Post April 1st i'll try it again thanks to Mobile Number Portability, and see how it ggoes.. I'd like a A2DP bluetooth remote for my ipod... but ipod are so *not* g33ky, i'm a little embarrassed to own one. i like these speakers from noel leeming damnit, i'm an addict.

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