One day of freedom with a Nokia 770

, posted: 26-Oct-2006 09:21

so - I got the repositories working on this linux tablet. repositories are where free (and non-free) software lives. I run an application on the nokia 770, it retrieves the list of available applications, i choose a few, and they are installed. the killer piece of the nokia 770 is - all the apps are free. not once do i see a nag screen, a trial dialog, i don't need to find my credit card number. It's all there all the time and free. it's apt-get in ya pocket. (non-free just means it's not opensource, but you don't need to pay for it) There's Opera (non-free). Mozilla firefox come with it outta the box and full blown gmail works flawlessly. The Nokia (non-free) media stream's got a nice UI for managing music - - think itunes, but less ugly. There's a PIM suite, which is really a port of evolution. There's Gaim instant messenger with plugins for every network. There's voip, and there's google talk (the nokia has a microphone, unlike my TX) there gnome office suite is there too, to edit all the standard open office documents as well as the microsoft ones, pdfs, rtfs and probably more. the best bit is the multi tasking. After living with palm so long, it's revolutionary to be letting mozilla download something in the background, while my RSS feeds are also refreshing, my email imap is syncing, and i'm reading a pdf. bad points:: I can't initially find how to set bluetooth discoverable etc - - it must be hidden somewhere. the charger holes on the bottom, so i can't charge while i'ts sitting in the palm universal keyboard. It does appear slow - though i suspect that's cos it's doing so much more than my palm does. Emails take a good 5 seconds to display after selection. The wifi doesn't disconnect normally - maybe there's a setting i haven't found. I left it beside the bed when i went to sleep, and it was dead flat in the morning. Swappable batteries make this more forgivable.

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Comment by freitasm, on 26-Oct-2006 10:38

I don't think Bluetooth offers any services on this device - only client for GSM mobiles (non-GSM services is not available due to hardcoded configuration for APN, etc, which doesn't exist on CDMA).

Oh, now you see how multi-tasking works, right? Windows Mobile has done this for ages, but Palm people always said "who cares about multi-tasking?". Good on you for finding out what it is supposed to be!

As for e-mail clients, have you found anything that handles IMAP? The built-in client only sees the basic folders, you can't even move a message from one folder to another...

Comment by DumbSwede, on 31-Oct-2006 05:08

You have to download bluetooth patches to do blutooth specific things. I downloaed the BT patch to enable keyboards and GPS (HID profile). My Stowaway blutooth keyboard really makes the 770 a usable device on the road for writing.

There is another bluetooth pluggin that goes the other direction and makes your 770 a bluetooth keyboard using the touchscreen for other devices. There are at least 2 or 3 other bt apps for various kinds of file transfer.

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