once apon a blog

, posted: 30-Dec-2006 11:39

once apon a time i had a great blog going - lotsa hits, high google ranking, and a lot of subscribers.. and then my host said no more! i was pulling down the whole server. so, bye bye drupal - i installed a few things, didn't like them i wrote my own blogging software (heavily ajaxed of course). then i tried just using planet to pull in feeds from other places... then eventaully, i forked out, bought a cheap vserver in north america somewhere, installed drupal, *tried* to import my old database (but failed) and the result is coffee.geek.nz. things still missing that i need to restore. Audioscrobbler/last.fm scripts Emusic recommendation scripts Flickr set summary, day summary, and other flickr stuff. Drupal themes from oswd i'll get to them soon - next rainy weekend - - just hold in there.

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