, posted: 7-Jan-2007 06:59

next sunday, the 14th, i'm off to
That's a whole weeks conference on linux.

It's in Sydney this year. I'm leaping on a plane, with 2 awesome ladies, penny, and a random sysadmin person who doesn't have a blog.

after the conference i'm staying the extra weekend in sydney, as well as the monday, which is Wellington anniversary..

Check my photo stream on flickr during the week..

I'll also try and blog a bit about the things i see, do, and learn over there. To any and all my clients who may be reading this... i don't have a shiny new laptop, so i can't be working while in Sydney.. send your outrage to my boss ;-)

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Comment by juha, on 7-Jan-2007 09:25

Ooo... adding a DTD has done funny things to your blog :)

Have you got a # in front of the hex "color" attribute values?

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