iphone, quick glance summary.

, posted: 10-Jan-2007 09:39

okay so.. from a quick glance at apple.com

things it has:

  1. wireless (802.11b/g)
  2. bluetooth (2.0)
  3. quad GSM (so gsm anywhere)
  4. EDGE
  5. 2Mpix camera, so i guess MMS + video messaging

things it doesn't seem to have:

  1. UMTS or other 3G -- it's a 2.5G phone.
  2. Video calling?? the camera's on the wrong side so i can't see how it could make video calls - and it's not 3G anyways.
  3. no hardware keys - so no tactile feedback while typing. Important to some people, but usable without it.
  4. No GPS - they're becoming common on even midrange phones now, but not on the iphone.
  5. flashcards.. I can't see any mention. So, i can't take a photo on a "real" camera, and whack the card into the iphone to do things with the photos.
i didn't look too deeply into the software - i imagine there will be 3rd party apps galore, as well as new packages from apple themselves once it hits the stores (or probably even before) i also notice nobody has used the phone yet - i wonder how finished it is, or if it's just playing slideshows in the case for now :-)

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Comment by juha, on 10-Jan-2007 12:50

I wonder if you can "get social" over the WiFi...

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