RFI - Wellington Linux Install Fest

, posted: 28-Feb-2007 13:51

Linuxchix NZ are booking a venue for the linux installfest, so i need a rough idea how many people are interested. It'll be on 31st March 2007, which is a Saturday, and in Wellington central. An install fest means you bring your OWN computer (we can try and provide SOME monitors and peripherals), and we help you get set up with linux. If you already have linux and are wondering how to make it do some stuff you don't know how to do, we can help you there too :)   You can attend the Interface installfest @ Vic, and then come to linuxchix as a followup, or just go straight to the linuxchix install fest and we'll get you installed. All helpers at the linuxchix installfest will be women, and we welcome more volunteers. There will be a "take your PC to pieces and put it back together again" session. We plan to have spare broken and obsolete PCs too if you want to practice on a dead model first. Please reply to brenda at wallace.net.nz Please include whether you require a monitor/keyboard/mouse.

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