top 10 most reliable hosts - eight run linux

, posted: 14-Mar-2007 08:48

of the top ten most reliable hosts on this internet, eight run linux. The other two appear to run solaris and freebsd. "Windows Server 2003" first appears @ number 11, and again @ number 19. Either windows isn't very common - or it's just not usually reliable - i'm not sure which. So lets have a look at geekzone It's only been on record since January 07, but i see at least 3 reboots in only 3 months. It reports running "Windows Server 2003" and has an average uptime of only 20.72 days. Possibly there are good reasons for this - a kernel upgrade?

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Comment by juha, on 14-Mar-2007 10:47

Yeah, uptime isn't the best measure of reliability until we get hot-swappable kernels :)

I find the reliability thing a non-issue nowadays though. It literally takes hardware failure or a DDoS to kill operating systems.

Author's note by taniwha, on 14-Mar-2007 14:28

The reliabbility chart is not uptime - but instead percentage of failed requests.... so rebooting while another server takes over is just fine.

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