Checking out Mobile Number Portabilty

, posted: 2-Apr-2007 12:53

I did a search of Voda's website for their Mobile Number Portability compliance looks like they've excluded prepay.. Voda only allows you to port if you choose an OnAccount plan. So nobody can switch to vodafone prepay and keep their number. Telecom doesn't have this restriction, see their FAQ TELECOM FAQ: Does it matter if I'm a prepaid or postpaid mobile customer? No, it doesn't matter if you're prepaid or on account. You'll be able to choose a compliant Telecom mobile, on the plan you want, and we'll have you up and running with the same 021 or 029 number. So in theory you can take your voda prepay account, call telecom, and port to their network - and then later call vodafone and port your number to an Vodafone On Account.. Good luck with that. Telecom claim they got everthing working: TELECOM FAQ: When you change over to Telecom and keep your Vodafone number are there any T3G services you won't be able to access (and vice versa)? No, you will get access to all of Telecom mobile's products and services. Vodafone have a list of systems they didn't make compatible.
  1. Can't use the website to manage your account, they instead suggest txting 777 for balances
  2. Web2TXT doesn't work for 027 Vodafones
  3. Vodafone email doesn't work for 027 vodas
  4. Ported numbers can't log into voda's music store, so no DRM crap for you!
  5. Mobile banking doesn't work, but that's not vodafone's fault aparently.

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 2-Apr-2007 13:04

wow. looks like vodafone really has been half-hearted about this, and telecom shining through with full marks. This surprses me somewhat

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