new laptop arrived

, posted: 13-Apr-2007 12:42

my shiny new lenovo has arrived - after 35 days of waiting. It's happily running Edgy Edft, and fluxbox. bluetooth worked outta the box, and i took a photo on my phone and bluetoothed it -- however the wifi card is so new, not even has drivers - so i had to resort to ndiswrapper and run the dodgy win32 closed source drivers, thus tainting my kernel.

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Comment by timestyles, on 13-Apr-2007 17:41

I love laptops - I've had one just over a year, and they completely change how you act when it comes to computing.  Wi-Fi adds to that.  However, I think that they've got us by the short and curlies though.  When your desktop breaks down, you just head down to the local computer shop to buy a new part and things will probably be ok.  When your laptop breaks down, you wait an undefined period with the expectation that something will be done to you but good taste prevents me from stating.

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