brain storming

, posted: 14-Apr-2007 12:47

had a great brain storming session @ Mojo Inivicible last night, on a new mightily awesome fantastic mashup application... a bunch of gadget, web, and telco freaks getting together to write a new open source application.. with a bunch of experience in j2me, erlang, python, ruby, wap, sms, web2.0 and all the other ingredients :-) i had my new laptop -- wow ! i can hack code from mojo now. my life has changed. We had a break to check out - which we piped to the cafe's sound system to great affect. after agreeing on a first draft "spec" - and choosing a few deliciously GPLed technologies to get it started on, we retired to Scopa restaurant in Cuba street - to debate Solaris v.s Linux, userland, python kicking ruby, java and all them clasical java drone coders, Sun's attitude v.s. IBMs evil, and wtf were zend smoking when they designaed php.

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