GZ trackbacks go nowhere?

, posted: 2-Apr-2006 12:01

i'm dilligently ping the trackback urls for blogentrys on geekzone.co.nz... but i can't see where the track backs appear - i ping my own blog here and still nothing.. where are they hidden?

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Comment by freitasm, on 2-Apr-2006 12:10

Check your e-mail address here on Geekzone - we have been getting bounce messages from all notifications being sent to your mailbox! All trackbacks are automatically going into the moderation queue, since they are computer generated and we can't authenticate these via e-mail. If you look in your Blog Entry pages you will probably see lots of red numbers indicating comments and trackbacks waiting for your to approve then. And while there, change your e-mail addres...

Author's note by taniwha, on 2-Apr-2006 13:17

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