Patches, collaboration, and lotsa chix

, posted: 14-Apr-2007 22:29

My laptop has arrived, so i spent the day on the couch i submitted this alternate patch to the postrgresqlserver trustmode install problem I fixed a bug in the aggregator module, as used in I spent time on the new linuxchix prototype It's been a great collaboration. I don't build many websites, even though i use alot of php, http etc, it's almost never for full browsers.. I got the slidehow module working on postgresql, for my dad's website, and submitted a patch i've been playing with darcs most of the day -- I want to share my repo with the world in general, but i can't get my repo's apache2 virtual host to stop executing php code apon http request - i tries: RemoveHandler .php and php_value engine off I've posted to the darcs mailing list -- hopefully someone will know. So i'm using ssh only for darcs push and pull for now, maybe the mailing list will helop me. so i moved on to making amarok compile. There alot of ruby files in their subversion. there is one dialog, the musicbriainz retagger, that has just one tickbox that doesn't remember the settings from last time.. once i've got it compiling, i'll go searching and make it remember that i alway want that checked.

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