AH... long live weekends

, posted: 2-Apr-2006 12:36

i really needed this weekend,... been a great one too, and i'm only halfway through. Yesterday I hid a new geocache. Te Aro Climb My original idea was to take the English translation of the name "Te Aro" and use that to name the cache. But, then i discovered Te Aro is shortened from "Te Aroaro O Kupe", which kinda mean's "Kupe's Groin" - apparently he injured himself on a rock somewhere nearby. So, one geocache hidden - and no FTFs yet... We then found a couple other geocaches around Wellington - one of them way out past seatoun/fort dorset - (a popular nudist beach) - at the top of a hill, but we found a man and woman being amorous right on top of it so didn't get to log our find. Callum (climbing to the geocache)

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 2-Apr-2006 13:40

Do geocaches still exist? Oh wow. been a while since i did that, time to dig up the old Garmin.

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