OLPCs, Microsoft trying to compete, and why this is all good.

, posted: 21-Apr-2007 12:02

There's been alot of press in the last 24 hours about Microsoft's generous donations of hardware, and selling windows licenses to school for US$3 I have to wonder if it's all from a fear of the OLPC project. I've heard it said that, once it ships, OLPC will be the most common computing platform in the world. Microsoft created their own project to compete against OLPC, claiming the OLPC project has got it all wrong. They've teamed up with Intel to do this. Intel has developed a $400 laptop aimed at schools as well as an education program that focuses on teachers instead of students. This is jokingly referred to as the "Two laptops per child" project. [1] pics of the intel model Which is all truly a GOOD THING. Trust MS to compete against a humanitarian effort, when really they are only helping. More donations to the poor is a good thing. The piece that makes OLPC so special to me, is that phase 2, or 3 or 4 will most likely be built by the kids themselves. They'll be 18 years old and have had a laptop since they were about 5 years old, complete with developement environments and the whole source code. They'll be starting their own project containing the software they want, instead of us sitting out in western-land trying to guess what's best for them Laptops are shipping to every child in Brasil. Every Libyan child will recieve their own laptop Me and the OLPC: ME!

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Comment by juha, on 21-Apr-2007 13:28

Here's my take on it for Computerworld's FryUp.


Comment by Jason, on 23-Apr-2007 20:36

I love the OLPC. Open Source for the poor is better than the propriatery M$/Intel bundle.

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