, posted: 3-Apr-2006 09:38

why are cellphone charger plugs always sideways on the wall socket? on a multi plug pack (which every self respecting geek needs for all their gadgets), it takes up 2 PLUGS!! i have anything from 10 to 30 gadgets on my desk at anytime (for testing stuff) - so i need about 60 plugs to charge 30 devices.. stupid!

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Comment by freitasm, on 3-Apr-2006 10:03

That's why all self-respecting Geek should get one of these PowerSquid (

Comment by freitasm, on 3-Apr-2006 10:03

Ooops, by the way, only if you have the US-Aust/NZ adapters of course...

Comment by chiefie, on 3-Apr-2006 10:14

you can actually get a double-spaced multitap, but usually they are 2 extra wide socket together with 3 other normal-spaced socket on the multitap. I hate having so many chargers, like our recent trip overseas, we have about 10 devices between two of us, and need to carry about 5-6 charges because they all have different plughead and different charge voltage. Why isn't there a standard plughead and with multivoltage adapter??? i like how South Korea is not pushing all phone manufacturers in South Korea to produce standard plughead for the charger! That would be the ideal solution. or how about the charging pad? I read that Asus or Aopen are developing a charging pad where you just place the device on top of it and it will be charge as norm, no more plug-in charger! :-D

Comment by tonyhughes, on 3-Apr-2006 10:51

some manufacturers are coming through now with slim vertical plugs that co-exist on a board with others... but Nokia are probably the worst culprit. What are their US plugs like? Maybe no one told them which way around to put our ones??

Comment by blahbmc, on 3-Apr-2006 11:58

I also think that those multi plug power boards need to have a standard design that means that even if you have chargers or ac adaptors that are big, you can still fit other plugs on either side of it. They need to space the sockets further apart on them!!

Comment by juha, on 3-Apr-2006 16:29

The reason they're sideways, I gather, is that in a lot of countries the powerpoints are quite low, mounted on skirting boards near the floor.

Comment by Steve Biddle, on 9-Apr-2006 11:19

Does anybody know where I can get a decide multiboard where every socket is extra wide? I've got a couple at home that have extra wide sockets in between the normal spaced ones but that still doesn't let you use 1 multiboard to plug in 6 oversized plugs!

Author's note by taniwha, on 9-Apr-2006 13:23

freitasm: for the price of a squid, i could just buy 3 more powerboards.

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