Things we do in #catalyst

, posted: 4-May-2007 10:50

[10:52] <mugwump> PLACE YOUR BETS PEOPLE
[10:52] <mugwump> VARCHAR(255) / VARCHAR(2048) / TEXT
[10:53] <mugwump> Pg 7.4, amd64
[10:53] <mugwump> no indexes
[10:53] <mugwump> Ok, type = varchar(255), took 91.3s
[10:53] <Shiny> mugwump: you're a varchar
[10:53] <mugwump> 1_000_000 rows
[10:55] <mugwump> Ok, type = varchar(2048), took 92.9s
[10:55] <Shiny> ooo.. new frank black
[10:55] <mugwump> !NO MORE BETS!
[10:55] * Mjollnir` waits for TEXT
[10:56] <gargi_bot> text's karma score is 1
[10:56] <mugwump> Ok, type = text, took 91.4s
[10:56] <waawaa> lol
[10:56] <IkeKrull> <gasp>
[10:56] <Shiny> so, shorter varchars do better
[10:57] <waawaa> pfft, it's within margin of error
[10:57] <Mjollnir`> what was it doing ?
[10:57] <mugwump> the results were 0.1s different over 1_000_000 inserts! :)
[10:57] <mugwump> inserting values between 1 and 100 chars long
[10:57] <mugwump> 100 per commit
[10:57] <mugwump> no indexes

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