The One laptop per 15 Adults project

, posted: 10-May-2007 20:40

NDIYO gizmoNDIYO gizmo Today a few of us catalyst folks meet up with Quentin of the Ndiyo project. Quentin spoke of the "Tyranny of the vga cable". The Ndiyo project have created a very small gizmo "thin client'. It connects to a PC over tcp / ethernet. Plug in a mouse, keyboard and monitor, and just like that you've got a workstation. Set up another 5, 10, 15 of these gizmos (called NIVO) to this PC, and you've got yet more workstations, maybe a whole internet cafe. How does this differ from your common thin client server as found in some corporate workplaces? NDIYO Internet CafeNDIYO Internet Cafe Previously thin client hasn't been built in such quantities, hence it costs more than a full PC. Currently you'll find thin client workstations in large companies. They allow savings in systems administation, and also greater control of employee desktops. Ndiyo is focused on the third world (or, the two thirds world, which is a better description). There are one billion personal computers on this planet. They duplicate hardware over and over, most often un-necesarily. there are another five billion people who have yet to join this here internet. Imagine a standard PC costs more than your yearly income.Ndiyo aims to bring PCs within reach of more people. The project also reduces the resources needed, which is better for the environment. NIVONIVO Ndiyo means "yes" in Swahili. There are over 50 million speakers of the language, and yet the domain wasn't taken and there are so few hits on google for the word. This is case and point of the vast swaths of humanity missing from this internet.

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