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, posted: 22-May-2007 19:04

I've been working on a popular opensource project for the last 3 weeks. - this project has abysmal documentation. Hoping to gain from their quasi-descriptive function names, i set up Drupal's API module to parse the entire code base of this GPLed project. The result was passable - i can now search variable and function names for anything useful.. so then i got carried away and started adding doxygen comment all over it, and reparsing. I ran this across several opensource projects, including: Silverstripe Tiddly Wiki Serverside Wordpress 2.1 yeah, my themeing isn't so great (orange!).. but it's become incredibly useful very quickly. i then index EVERY project i have checked out of subversion/git/cvs on my work desktop... Next, i hooked up the coder.module , also from drupal, so it's doing code style review check out: Wordpress compared to PEAR coding standards

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Comment by Sam Minnee, on 24-May-2007 10:03

The SilverStripe link seems to be broken? I'm curious to see what the ouput is like - we're currently doing a bit of a push to get our documentation better and this could potentially be very helpful.

Author's note by taniwha, on 24-May-2007 15:05

I removed SS, becuase the parsing code trips up on tinyMCE -- there's several characters that aren't valid UTF8.. i need to think about how to handle these.

Comment by Sam, on 24-May-2007 16:32

If it makes is easier, just documenting the cms and sapphire folders would give you 95% of the documentation.

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