eAcclerator actually works, php pre-compiled and snappy.

, posted: 27-May-2007 00:19

What is eAcclerator?? It's a php extension, that compiles the php script into opcode - so it's ready and cached up to run well before you get an http request. It means apache doesn't need to read and compile the file every time. I'm looking to use it for a project, and i've heard many good things (and a few colleagues are already using eacclerator). My usual "real world" experiments happen on my blog, so i've install eacclerator on http://coffee.geek.nz I install this a week ago, but turns out eacclerator wasn't running. it caches into /tmp/eaccleraor, but won't create the folder if it doesn't exist. so i did:
mkdir /tmp/eaccelerator
sudo chown www-data:www-data /tmp/eaccelerator
did an apache2 restart, and now it's all snappy! not bad for a cheap vserver. I'll benchmark it shortly - i'll also be testing lighttpd compared to apache2.

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Comment by muppet, on 27-May-2007 22:28

Yes, I've used EA on many sites and it's pretty much rock solid, especially the latest version. The performance gain you get with it and also MYSQL caching is excellent.

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