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, posted: 27-May-2007 16:01

I've just registered for This came across the WebGrrls mailing list, and is probably of interest to Drupalers too. (from the press release:) The concept is simple: national teams compete against each other to build website in 24 hrs, putting national pride and web prowess to the test. And the real winners of the competitions? The not-for-profit organisation who is presented with a stunning, fully functional website. The first competition will take place in Sydney, Australia on 18 August - a trans-Tasman clash between the best of Australia and New Zealand. Following that, on the 9th February, and just prior to Webstock 08, teams from around the world will converge in Wellington New Zealand for a larger international competition. Think geek Olympics! The competitions will be judged by a panel with a brief to look at such aspects as: - meeting client needs - web standards and accessibility best practice - visual design - innovative coding Teams will consist of 7 members, covering all aspects of the web development process. Those interested in being considered for the New Zealand or Australian teams are invited to register on the FullCodePress website. We're also looking for people to take on the role of country organiser for other countries around the world. Both Webstock and WIPA are passionate about promoting a web standards based approach to web design and development. They see FullCodePress as a way of further spreading this message, whilst at the same time strengthening ties and connections globally amongst the web industry. And being able to help out a worthy not-for-profit organisation is the icing on the cake. See the FullCodePress website for more information and registration forms.

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Comment by juha, on 27-May-2007 17:51

Shouldn't it be "Drupals" and not "Drupalers"?

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