more rape metaphors on #wordpress.

, posted: 28-May-2007 16:21

the new me isn't putting up with sexual harrasment anymore. I'm in #wordpress on freenode, because i'm paid to work with wordpress and there are some helpful people in there. My first day ever in the channel and my first question was greeted with show us your boobs first and then we'll tell ya by a helpful nick jive_lappy. Today, someone commented "wp just raped my blog". and i decided to call him on it, as it is a competely inappropiate metaphor in a public forum. There is no R16 label on freenode channels. The user in question disagreed, but a third person piped in to tell me i'm going to know all about rape, with "and Brenda can know", and thus continued to smiley, laugh and generally harrass me. WTF is wrong with these people. Why would you ever think rape is an appropiate description of having addslashes on your blog posts? Why someone think it is appropiate to tell someone they can know about rape now? it's a sickness that infests #wordpress. I don't know off the channels' affiliation with the wordpress project. I hope they are not connected. The channel is unregistered. I've sent a complaint to freenode staff.

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Comment by freitasm, on 28-May-2007 17:04

I think (and you will probably agree) there's a high chance the world is full of losers and those are the most vocal people...

It's a sorry state when we find people with this attitude but with the power to communicate it so easily to others, contaminating the whole thing.

Comment by ZollyMonsta, on 28-May-2007 19:46

Alas this is the way with unregistered channels on IRC.  There appears to be not much comeback to admin (does there?).
A lot of people lack etiquette on the net :(

Comment by Lorelle, on 31-May-2007 14:48

Unfortunately, your commenters are right. There are scum everywhere. The "free for all" way of the IRC, especially with the WordPress channel which doesn't have strong admins to break fingers, means putting up with a lot of time wasting nonsense. There are some fabulous people online there who are very helpful and wonderful. Stick with them and ignore the idiots. They do evil to get attention, and you just fueled their fire. It doesn't make it right. And it doesn't stop it. I've spent a lot of energy wishing bigger evil on their heads when they play hurtful games where none should be played. Like me, you need to get past that and focus on the positive stuff. And hopefully some strong admins will come along soon. Hang in there. You are doing good so keep doing it.

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