Behind the Lipstick -- describing women in technology

, posted: 9-Jun-2007 12:03 Women in Technology is a New Zealand organisation -- individuals can join, and corporates can send them thousands of dollars and thus declare that they "support women in technology" right there on their home page "behind the lipstick" WTF is that? LIPSTICK!! can you find a worse stereotype to declare and not explain? a bit of googling, and i find:
BEHIND THE LIPSTICK WIT are delighted to bring you some of New Zealand’s leading women who will share their brilliant minds, stories of tenacity in the face of adversity, the mistakes they have made, the miracles they have witnessed and their ultimate goal for the next decade.
To quote my friend: "Miracles they have witnessed?! It's IT, not Jesus."
Are you ambitious? Do you have a family and wonder how to do it all? Do you feel like a desperate housewife – minus the makeup and lights? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this event could be for you!
ZOMG YES: Why don't I have a family, damnit? I'm incomplete.. obviously i need to wear more lipstick I'd go burn my bra -- but bras are too damn expensive.

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Comment by Jama, on 9-Jun-2007 20:41

Why do women feel that they need to have their own organisations in the fist place? We have a Ministry of Womens Affairs but we don't have a Ministry for Men. In fact a mens only club is considered sexist! Go figure that one...

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