New Zealand domain registry now ipv6-ified

, posted: 14-Jun-2007 23:15

The IPv6 .nz name servers and whois server are now up and running. The announcement from .nz Registry Services sent to NZNOG: NZRS is today pleased to announce that the .nz name servers are now operating with IPv6 connectivity in what can be regarded as the first phase of the .nz IPv6 rollout. The name servers are named and, and are located in Wellington and Albany repsectively. Both are connected to the NZ IPv6 Internet Exchange and there is a .nz Whois server accessible at NZRS thanks Open Contributors Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (OCCAID) and US telco Sprint for providing the IPv6 tunnels, and thanks Citylink for help in connecting to the NZ IPv6 Internet Exchange. .nz Registry Services is responsible for the operation of the register of domain names and the Domain Name System (DNS) in the .nz domain name space. (as seen on Puck's blog, one of the very clever developers of the NZ Shared registry system)

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