some benchmarks - apache2 vs lighttpd

, posted: 27-Jun-2007 18:07

i just ran some bench marks. I install these 2 setups on my laptop 1. apache2.2 + drupal 5.1 + php5 + postgresql 8.2 2 lighttpd1.4 + drupal 5.1 + php5-cgi + postgresql 8.2 actually the document root for the 2 above is the same - and the dataset for drupal was a copy of my blog I used jakarta jmeter, running on my desktop. Both machines were doing pretty much nothing else during this time.

so - the result

Apache2 took a median response time 562 ms lighttpd took a media response time of 48 ms THAT'S TEN TIMES FASTER! go lighttpd! GO!

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Comment by Rob Scovell, on 28-Jun-2007 00:20

I've looked at Lighty in the past, but not in depth. Is it as configurable as Apache?

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