Going to the land of far far away

, posted: 17-Jul-2007 12:44

I'm getting on a plane to SAN FRANCISCO at 7pm tonight... i arrive at midday today.. time travel is fun indeed. I'm heading to OSCON, where i will be speaking on how to be a Ninja, php style. i *hope* to find wifi and blog this trip. stay tuned.

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Comment by chiefie, on 17-Jul-2007 13:05

don't bring your coffee aboard... otherwise it will get confiscated and destoyed by the NZ Customs...

Comment by freitasm, on 17-Jul-2007 14:38

Have a good trip! Be ninja!

Comment by sbiddle, on 17-Jul-2007 16:04

What a great time to go shopping with the current $!

Comment by ZollyMonsta, on 18-Jul-2007 10:08

Can you please bring me back lots of gadgets? :) :)~

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