I'm in San Francisco

, posted: 19-Jul-2007 05:05

I'm in San Francisco, with the Penny

  1. Duty free Whisky and Gin

  2. We're not in Guatemala now, Dr Ropata

  3. The Customs guy hit on me

  4. Random person in street knew we were from New Zealand - and she said she was afraid we'd beat her up if she said we were from Australia (they know!)

  5. we did china town - i have new silk top thing

  6. we went to top of Coit Tower

  7. IT'S STILL TUESDAY! (42 hours later)

  8. my wifi works! :-D

  9. America isn't so scarey - i think the internet is full of the strange ones - and the street is full of the normal ones

  10. They don't konw what a long black is.. We both ordered "Americano" instead - arrives as a GIANT cup of really really BAD coffee

  11. Walking down the street, i got a "gut feel" that this random cafe we were passing was good - we walked in and order double ristretto - it was "long" (about 100mls) but good, and masses of crema - must go back

  12. We didn't feel tired, but everytime we stopped walking we both got "the shakes"

  13. Early night tonight i think

  14. We'll try and go to Alcatraz tomorrow

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Comment by lugh, on 19-Jul-2007 07:54

Best thing about San Francisco...  Ghiradelli Chocolate!!!  (*sniff* now I wish I was there)

Comment by freitasm, on 19-Jul-2007 09:07

Hmmmm. Ghirardelli makes a mean Chocolate Sundae.

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