Found Portland

, posted: 22-Jul-2007 17:49

we arrived in portland - despite having a hold up with the security on a *DOMESTIC* flight deciding they need to wipe down every item in our bags. WTF is with them opening my tampon packs to wipe them down? fucked up. then, the flight. It's over booked by 50 people, and we're one of the 50. aparently this is standard. Airlines in the US sell 50% more tickets than there are seats on the plane. A whole lotta swearing at United Airlines later, we do get a seat in the "Exit" row, which means listening to training on how to open the emergency door, and answering a question. Now I'm in Portland Oregon. The beer is good. The weather is warm. I found highspeed internet. and i'm a little homesick.

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Comment by rscole86, on 22-Jul-2007 18:01

Welcome to America, the land of the Free!

Comment by freitasm, on 22-Jul-2007 18:38

Welcome to America!

Comment by freitasm, on 22-Jul-2007 19:30

Are you here?

Comment by chiefie, on 23-Jul-2007 09:50

Another reason why I don't think I will want to go to USA ever...

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