Programming OLPC

, posted: 24-Jul-2007 11:46

This afternoon i went to the Programming OLPC tutorial firstly, i wanted to get a dev environment going. here's how:
git-clone git://
This checks it out of Git. However you next need to do:
cd sugar-jhbuild
git pull
./sugar-jhbuild update
This then fires up dozens of pullings of code -- some from CVS, Subversion, more git, darcs, some wgets. It takes a long time. once this was finished, i could try building the sugar-jhbuild
./sugar-jhbuild build
there are ALOT of dependencies, and they spit out rather generic names. Mostly you need the -dev (or -development) versions. For many you'll need to put "lib" infront of the name. Aptitude is your friend. once it finally builds, next run sugar:
./sugar-jhbuild run
it is a "work in progress". Many things don't work today.. but on a good day, it all builds and then you have an OLPC environment running read for development. much of this blogpost was guided by

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