OSCON finished

, posted: 28-Jul-2007 17:42

here ends my great adventure in america land - attending OSCON 2007. I do want to come back.

good bits

My Presentation went well, good turn out. Free dinner from google, champagne and a load of interesting people. Keynote from Yegge and that Pirate party guy was very awesome. gnat's shirts, and calling Microsoft a predator to their face. Portland beer is the best in the world

Bad bits

My grandad died, and i missed his funeral I got blisters from hell, that got infected and i can't walk Airline security decided i need a the full screening for a domestic flight. America thinks Starbucks serves coffee.


Linux.conf.au had a higher level of technical detail in the tutorials and presentations. -- but OSCON has a higher level of social decency in the nightly booze... how to combine the two? pirat guy shirts!

this post includes thumbnails of photos by James Duncan Davidson

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Comment by freitasm, on 28-Jul-2007 18:36

Godo to have you back in Kiwiland soon.

Author's note by taniwha, on 28-Jul-2007 18:41

were offered a tour of San Francisco, and google hq, but had to decline. should have been more organised -- instead staying in portland to drink more excellent beers.

Comment by 3g, on 28-Jul-2007 19:06

I TOTALLY agree with your Starbucks comment 8-).

I've had 2 trips to the US this year (with 3 more trips before Xmas) and still haven't found anything that resembles coffee.

On at least one occasion I was tempted to enquire whether they had forgotten to add the expresso to my cup of watery hot milk 8-).

Comment by allan, on 29-Jul-2007 18:34

Just returned myself from four weeks in US and had similar trouble finding coffee to suit my tastes. Did a road trip for a couple of weeks with some US based friends who really liked the petrol station cheap coffees (so-called vanilla flavoured cappuccino). I'm afraid I couldn't stand them.

Interestingly, both my wife and I also got the full security screening on a US domestic flight. United from LA to Denver. United's automatic checkin process would not recognise either my credit card, nor flight booking reference no and I had to use a passport scan to check in - I wondered if it was that which flagged us. According to the secuity official we had been "randomly selected by our airline for further processing". Right....

Author's note by taniwha, on 1-Aug-2007 12:12

according to the people who SSSS-ed us, the airline checking staff flagged us, mostly likely because we offended them in some way.

Comment by deeknow, on 3-Aug-2007 13:57

Portland Beer *is great*, I was at OSCon in 04 which followed the Oregon brewers fest, quite convenient really :-)

Bummer about missing your Pops funeral, similar thing happened when my sister was overseas a few years back and our Grandad died.

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