Mobile Number Portability Loop hole anger

, posted: 4-Aug-2007 14:42

bought a new gsm phone, now i want to connect my 027 up to a sim card and be away alas, vodafone wants me to sign a 12 month contract, THE BASTARDS.. voda won't let me port to prepay. so, number portability means you can switch networks without the whole losing your number circus, but then the telco goes and find another way to stop you leaving again. Commerce Commission - do you have teeth or not?

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Comment by sbiddle, on 4-Aug-2007 15:06

They have already indicated they are unhappy with Vodafone over this. I've heard some rumors Vodafone have been given a date to impliment this or face being fined.. Will be interesting to see what happens.

Comment by Bwooce, on 4-Aug-2007 17:13

Hang on a bit and you'll get a new network to use your phone on. If you want to see a real rort look at the "YouChoose Base" plans. The cancellation fees alone indicate how much of a claytons plan they are. OECD rank skewing is all they're good for.

Author's note by taniwha, on 4-Aug-2007 17:27

bwooce - that is exactly my plan. My cdma phone is dead now and the gsm handsets suit me. I bought one totally with the plan of switching back to telecom gsm sometime later. however this 12month lock in is just another way to keep people who get shitty service from a telcom from taking business elsewhere.

Comment by freitasm, on 4-Aug-2007 17:59

Why the anger? I am trying to port to Telecom New Zealand and they also have the 12 month contract lock - that's what preventing me moving my number out of Vodafone.

So both sides do it...

Author's note by taniwha, on 4-Aug-2007 19:33

errr. and you don't have a problem with telecom doing it too?

Comment by sbiddle, on 4-Aug-2007 19:54

I reckon NZ must be one of the few countries where you have to sign a term term contract just to get a plan and then get bugger all benefit! Compare us to Australia where signing up on a 24 month $49 per month plan will give you a choice of $500 - $700 phone for free across on all the networks. Here Vodafone might give you $50 off a phone that's been artificially inflated by around 25% due to the excessively high dealer margins. There is no justifiable reason for phones such as the E65 and N95 selling for such high prices in NZ.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 4-Aug-2007 22:09

All Vodafone on-account plans now come with a contract.
(Motormouth is no longer available)

All Telecom Flexi plans come with a contrct but the old ones you can still get open-term.

Author's note by taniwha, on 5-Aug-2007 09:48

Meanwhile i have a gsm phone, and no sim card... will give it a 4 week wait, and see if the commerce commision is made of more than just decoration.

Comment by cranz, on 5-Aug-2007 13:38

Motormouth is no longer available? First I've heard.. you sure thats right paradoxsm

Comment by cranz, on 5-Aug-2007 14:12

Motormouth is no longer available? First I've heard.. you sure thats right paradoxsm

Comment by cranz, on 5-Aug-2007 14:12

Motormouth is no longer available? First I've heard.. you sure thats right paradoxsm

Comment by nic.wise, on 5-Aug-2007 17:05

You can go voda account -> telecom prepaid, or voda prepaid -> telecom prepaid, but not anything -> voda prepaid. You can't even change your voda on account to a voda prepaid. So they lost me as a customer. I guess $1500-3000 a year for 10 years isn't enough..... (sigh) If telecom come out with a GSM network before I come back, I'll have NO reason to go back to VFNZ at all, and I doubt I will.

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