ranting about my Sony Ericsson W880

, posted: 5-Aug-2007 10:11

ignoring my MNP Anga, and moving to new toy joy - here's the short review of my new handset. (update: adding links to define some geeky terms i peppered all through this post)

i love:

response times! blistering fast. there's a well powered processor in there somewhere. the ui -- took less than 5 seconds to get the concept. Why do so few manufacturers get that right? Connecting to multiple bluetooth devices, i don't have to manually disconnect my headset anymore before connecting my palm/pda or obexing something. The walkman portion isn't so bad - plays music in the background, to my bluetooth stereo headset. Shame it doesn't play ogg or flac like my ipod does. Java midlets can be "minimized", and continue running in the background. useful. I'll just leave TinyTwitter running. the size.. it's very close to the size of my ipod nano, and actually fits in teeny tiny women clothes pockets. imap client, with both SSL and TLS. appears to accept my CA Cert on my imap server -- might be because it's not really checking. Decent battery life. My old phone was lucky to last 30 hours. This one is rated at 8 days (lets see if it's true) the A2DP/AVRCP/Whatever works great. I can pause, next, prev and control volume from the buttons on my bluetooth headset. The screen is just beautiful.

i hate:

vodafone's 12 month contact clap trap. The answer button my headset doesn't answer calls - very strange as a2dp and avrcp works fine for music and video. The headset mute button stops musics but i can't find a headset button to start it again.

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Comment by barf, on 5-Aug-2007 13:19

so it accepts self-signed SSL certs?!
my Nokia is not cool enough to do that :-\

Author's note by taniwha, on 5-Aug-2007 14:15

Barf, can you not install new root certificates?? i know some nokias will allow this over the wap browser

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