how to handle security consultants

, posted: 7-Aug-2007 19:16

i really am suprised at some developer's attitudes towards security consultants. I've seen developers (and management) treat blackhats as the absolute enemy, when hired to review a system. People clam up and become un-cooperative, give blank stares and generally freak out. snap out of it! they're on your side. If they find a whacked out valnerability that you barely understand thank her/him, ask for further explanation if necesary, and maybe even hire her/him to help patch your app. 'nuff said.

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Comment by barf, on 7-Aug-2007 20:06


Author's note by taniwha, on 7-Aug-2007 20:48

barf: i see you're running my code for your website :)

Comment by barf, on 7-Aug-2007 22:01

it is my honour to use your PHP fu

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