Vodafone NZ, where men are men, and women are gossips

, posted: 18-Aug-2007 09:59

Vodafone know the difference betwen men and women. They know men like this sorta thing, and women like that sorta thing. Witness the Vodafone NZ wap homepage: dsc_1719 Clearly marked, so you know:
  • if you have a penis, you thefore like Gaming, listen to music, read about combustion engines, and look at babes.
  • If you have a vigina, you need to read new woman, revel in gossip, and look at hunks.
Good thing vodafone is there to educate our teenagers on what is proper for their sex... Males should look at a page covered in naked and near naked women. Vodafone knows it's gotta all be sex sex sex all the time if you're male. (and only hetero sex will do) Females should be looking at a page of gossip, gossip and scandal. Fashion, horoscopes and what's on TV. With all that mass media consumption, how will you ever find time for an original thought?

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Comment by Kivrin, on 18-Aug-2007 10:58

New Woman? Did I miss a recall notice on my uterus?

Guess Old Women are still in the kitchen making home-made jam and scones for the menfolk, who are out in the barn looking at engravings and listening to ye olde gramophone. Or just fiddling with the sheep.

This whole anatomy is destiny bollocks was old during the Renaissance.

Comment by freitasm, on 18-Aug-2007 11:15

And why would you be looking at a walled garden offering with so limited content when the Internets are here?

Comment by alasta, on 18-Aug-2007 11:44

It has been apparent for me for some time that Vodafone Live is designed specifically to cater for those who are lacking in taste and sophistication.
I can't imagine that any intelligent being would willingly pay Vodafone's exhorbitant fees to access this rubbish.

Comment by barf, on 18-Aug-2007 13:52


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