Summary of trip to OSCON

, posted: 23-Aug-2007 13:54

General Americaland Impressions

  • NZ things that don't translate to american
    • "Coffee wanker"
    • "Oh! You're a John!"
  • American Things that don't translate to NZ
    • "Double fisting" (drinking two beers at once)
  • Lollies. Lollies for breakfast
  • Bad, wicked cofee
  • Starbucks everywhere
  • Giant leggo cars

Wellington -> Auckland -> San Francisco

  • Crazy man who sat next to us
  • Black sheep during dinner
  • Photos & fingerprints and not being allowed to go through customs together
  • Sleazy customs guy

San Francisco

  • We had the best hostel in the world, with free pancakes
  • Duty free with the hostel staff
  • Penny had a breakfast with SFSU guy
  • Both of us went out for lunch with the SFSU geeks
  • Finally found good coffee at Blue Bottle Cafe
  • Brenda got blisters walking over the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Penny queued for Harry Potter in the Castro with crazy dressed up SFers
  • Penny navigation FTW
  • bridge
  • coffee
  • hp

San Francisco -> Portland

  • We get flagged by the airline as bad people
  • Silverstripers at the airport
  • United overbook the flight by 50 but we get on because we're oarsum.
  • boarding pass
  • airport


  • Beer!
  • Too many flamefests about VCS that we had to ban Sam from talking about it
  • Free public transport
  • toe shoes
  • Beer Sampler
  • Beer Sampler

The conference Monday

  • Ruby Tutorial
    • 5.times
    • each_with_index = value then key rather than key then value
  • Pro Postgres Tutorial

The evening Monday

  • Keysigning BoF
  • eLearning BoF
  • Linuxchix BoF
  • Dinner with Val Henson, Matt Garrett & some other guy
  • Spa Pool!

The conference Tuesday

  • Technical Management of Software Development
    • Innovation
    • Peer programming
    • team
    • reward
  • Penny accidently ended up in Higher Order Perl
  • Rails tutorial

The evening Tuesday

  • PHP/MySQL party - no flamewars, just beer
  • Firefly!
  • Dance Dance Revolution

The conference Wednesday

  • Postgres Performance Whack-a-Mole
  • Who gets to decide what Open Source means?
  • Who am I? The age of Digital Identity
  • Ending Rails envy with PHP5
  • gnat called MS a predator
  • SWAG!

The evening Wednesday

  • Google dinner -- goodies
  • Brenda sat next to mysql's head architect, and was polite too
  • Pirate guy!
  • Intel C Threading guy
  • Opensource license guy
  • Jono bacon writing a song about Penny called 'Dark hair scarey stare'
  • Sun party with tricycles - Catalyst beats Silverstripe
  • penny wins

The conference Thursday

  • keynotes -- everyone from dinner had one except us and Jono and the Silverstripers
  • How to Ignore Marketing and Become Irrelevant - Steve Yegge
  • Lightening talks with Josh Berkus
  • PDO with Mysql specific examples (fury)
  • Our talks
  • PHP security -- like an airline industry?

The evening Thursday

  • Google SoC BoF with Silverstripers
  • gnat's speaker party
  • More drinking at Schwern's (blame Schwern!)

The conference Friday

The evening Friday

  • Portland Zoo. We finally find squirrels
  • Grease in Portland square
  • Whiskey with Silverstripers and Railers
  • Rails lingo! (FAIL!)
  • grease
  • squirrel

Checkout & Saturday

  • YICKY hostel
  • Clam Chowder
  • Bloody Mary
  • Exploring Portland
  • fleas!
  • Very alarming scary man in shared room

Let's go to Seattle! It's only 2 hours drive away

  • For lunch, Brenda had GIANT hamsteaks covered in cream
  • Sam rents a car
  • But we make Sig drive
  • America wants us to drive on WHAT SIDE OF THE ROAD?!
  • We actually stop at a truck stop
  • Seattle is in fact, 5 hours away, and we arrive at 9pm on Sunday night with nowhere to stay
  • We find a motel that will let us sleep 5 people in one room
  • Amazing seafood dinner on the water front with New Zealand wine, we teach the waitress how to pronounce "Matua"
  • Tequila and dancing
  • Long roadtrip back to Portland in time for Voodoo donuts, stumptown coffee & our plane
  • penny and brenda dancing

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Comment by Allan, on 23-Aug-2007 14:28

Hey we got "SSSS"ed between LA & Denver last month. I couldn't get United's electronic checkin to recognise my credit card, flight booking number or anything else & has to resort to a passport scan - so I figured maybe we had tripped some flag with our bungled checkin attempts. According to the "nice" Homeland Security person, we had been "randomly selected by our airline for secondary processing" - right.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 23-Aug-2007 16:30

nice toeshoes B, but shave yer legs eh....

Comment by barf, on 24-Aug-2007 01:47


Author's note by taniwha, on 24-Aug-2007 21:16

Tony: you first.

Comment by Natasha, on 16-May-2008 04:28

Where did u get the toe shoes? I want a pair?

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