nz.ubuntu down? here's help

, posted: 9-Sep-2007 16:29

Citylink's ubuntu mirror is down, i dunno why. switch to using if you're getting errors like this:
Err feisty-backports/main Packages
  Connection failed
Err feisty-backports/restricted Packages
  Connection failed
Err feisty-backports/universe Packages
  Connection failed
Err feisty-backports/multiverse Packages
  Connection failed
do this:
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
then change every "" to "" for example
deb feisty universe
deb-src feisty universe
deb feisty universe
deb-src feisty universe
then do this:
sudo aptitude update
and you've got working sources again.

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Comment by Filterer, on 9-Sep-2007 16:47

How about just changing your hosts file?

Author's note by taniwha, on 9-Sep-2007 17:04

filterer won't help you send the correct GET string to find the right virtual host.

Comment by Filterer, on 9-Sep-2007 17:22

Yes, thats true however it would seem that there is either only one virtual host or the default one is so the matter is moot

Also your post says

then change every "" to ""

should be to should it not, its correct in your examples though ;p

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