Wellingtonista Awards, my ranting blog is up for an award

, posted: 19-Nov-2007 19:42

So, my ranting blog is up for an award for "best WWW Writer in Wellington " If you've ever stopped by my blog, i'd be ever so greatful if you'd drop me a vote or two (okay, two is cheating). http://wellingtonista.com/voting-now-open-in-the-awas I'm in question 19 - best dub-dub-duber. They wrote me some awfully nice blurb too http://wellingtonista.com/2awa-best-dub-dub-dubber
Coffee Geek AKA Brenda Wallace AKA Taniwhaiti on flickr is the superhero of open source in Wellington. She's spearheaded the successful and very popular SuperHappyDevHouseAotearoa - a monthly hackathon where coders from across Wellington hang in one place and get their code on. Why this rocks is because SHDH is not about people from different companies competing or poaching staff, but about bringing together like-minded geeks to share knowledge, and that is just a little bit awesome. Plus she has the largest collection of gadgets in the whole of Wellington, takes fantastic photos of our city, and how could we not include someone who is so passionate about coffee that they have it in their URL?

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