gizmos coming soon and on my shopping list

, posted: 8-Jan-2008 22:37

Coming soon, 2nd generation Asus Eeepcs, with a bigger screen, and wimax (didn't know i want that rf noise maker), and ... umm... Windows XP (wtf!) . Check out the pics on the link, it's UMPC formfactor, not a laptop. Seriously i'm only interested if i can put debian on it. New Squeeze box from Logitech, with a colour display on the remote, and no display on the unit. Makes more sense than the current model (even though the current model is damn sexy). I WANT ONE!

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Comment by freitasm, on 9-Jan-2008 11:33

I have a Squeezebox, connected to my Windows Home Server .It's a cool piece of hardware.

Comment by v. gates, on 9-Jan-2008 11:35

When I grow up, I wanna be a Wimaxtronaut.

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