wierd way to make espresso

, posted: 13-Jan-2008 10:00

discovered via Mauricio -- i'm not sure that's really enough pressure for good extraction but i'd take it anyway if i'd been stuck in the south island for a week and couldn't find a real barrista. The biggest problem is -- it doesn't seem to be using real coffee, freshly ground. Instead it's a tbag like pod thing.. that breaks the "30 seconds from grind to extraction" rule for good coffee. Also, if you are stuck in the South Island without one of these, the good beans come 1st from CPR in blenheim, and 2nd place Pomodoros of Nelson.

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Comment by freitasm, on 13-Jan-2008 10:54

30 seconds extraction? I always worked to a max of 25 seconds...

Author's note by taniwha, on 13-Jan-2008 17:02

...? i thought you had a pod style machine, not a grinder.

Author's note by taniwha, on 13-Jan-2008 17:03

Mauricio, that's a maximum from 30 seconds from when you grind the coffee until you extracted the expresso.

Comment by freitasm, on 13-Jan-2008 18:23

I do have a pod (Nespresso) machine. It's great for quick fix because there's not a lot to do - the coffee is not bad either.

I do have a pressure pump espresso machine, five years old, which does a good brew. I extract a demi tasse in about 25 seconds. That's the time to do it right. That's what I was talking about.

Comment by freitasm, on 13-Jan-2008 19:45

Back on this topic... I think there's some misconception about "extraction".

When I read about coffee I learned about 25 to 30 secondsfor extraction time, and about two minutes to drink it.

I've never heard of "30 seconds after grinding rule".

Also, I do have a Nespresso machine, but I can control the extraction time. With a demitasse I can get a good espresso in 25 seconds for a single shot. It works really well.

Comment by freitasm, on 13-Jan-2008 19:47

And thi is a good reference for espresso extraction: http://www.coffeeresearch.org/espresso/extraction.htm

Comment by barf, on 15-Jan-2008 11:34

theres plenty of good coffee in christchurch! well, more bogans than yuppies but we have good coffee still.

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