NZ Women technology speakers

, posted: 10-Mar-2008 13:28

Recently i was invited to do a "Bloggers prediction" thingie at an event, but unfortunately it was in the middle on linux conf au, so i couldn't do it.. A silly person at that meeting said they have no women bloggers in their list because they were "all at linux conference" which caused some minor outrage amongst the many women bloggers who were in the audience at the time... grrr... the International Linuxchix site has a "Chix who speak" section, listing women keen to talk on linux and open source topics. How about a localised version for New Zealand? Lets combine forces, linuxchix NZ, girl geek dinners, webgrrls and .. other geeky women technical groups (DigiGirlz?) listing women in New Zealand who can potentially be available to speak, and dispel the myth that technical women just don't exist. I'm volunteering to set this up - A website allowing NZ women to submit their own speaking profiles. I needs: some women to step forward to be on the site for launch, and i need help choosing a snazzy domainname to put this on.

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