speak.net.nz getting ready for launch

, posted: 21-Mar-2008 20:28

Many organisers of technical conferences, meetups, and dinners want to have more gender-balance in their lineups, but they don't know where to find technical women speakers. Enter http://speak.net.nz, a simple directory and connections system to help technical women speakers and event organisers to find each other.
I built this on Tuesday night, while watching Battle Star Galatica, and eating lemon pie (thanks drupal!!) I need a few more women to sign up for launch. The site will launch early April. If you're a women working with technology, even if you've never spoken infront of a group before, please register list your expertise. My plan is for this to make women who build technology more visible in New Zealand. (thanks to Joh Clarke for the free hosting, Aaron Hodder for the QA testing, and Nat Torkington for the content editing).

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