sanity loss over microsoft ooxml battle

, posted: 2-Apr-2008 11:06

microsoft want their MS office format to be an internationally sanctioned standard via the ISO ad have got this into "fast tracking" mode for approval. there's a number of reasons i see this as silly and wrong 1) oooxml a 6000+ page specfication, which is a huge amount to read, understand, and implement for any team of programmers 2) there already is an iso standard that does the same thing, in far less pagecount, and already implemented by multiple software vendors. 3) MS have already implemented ooxml, everyone else has to play catchup. 4) MS have documented what then happened to build, which is much easier than building what some one else documented. how can we compete? sanity is losing... see table on open malaysia's site: a vote of: approve by 24 countries disaprove by 8 countries abstain by 9 countries. this is a vote to accept microsoft's ooxml format as a standard for office suite documents.

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Comment by Matthew Davidson, on 2-Apr-2008 13:04

Just to correct you on point 3; Microsoft has never implemented OOXML. What Office 2007 produces is not either version of the spec presented to ISO/IEC, nor even remotely compliant with the spec originally approved by ECMA. Microsoft will in principle have to play catch-up as much as anyone, but it's hard to see a reason why they would even try. As it stands, competitors will have to try to implement the unimplementable standard, plus the real-world output of MS Office. If they seriously tried to implement OOXML, they'd lose their competitive advantage. As far as Microsoft are concerned, standards - even their own - are for suckers.

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