how to never log out of irc

, posted: 5-Apr-2008 14:44

you may have noticed, i'm on irc 24/7. I do this by the magic that is screen. I have a commandline irc client running inside a screened session on my desktop at work. You can also do this from a server somewhere (i have a cheap vserver somewhere in the northern hemisphere that i use also) screen is a util you can install from apt-get (or yum or whatever your distro provides). you then run like so:
$ screen
it gives you a new prompt. Inside this, i run irssi, a commnd line irc client that i quite like. In irssi, you'll need to type the irc commands yourself, but they're not hard to connect to a server, start irss, and do this:
to set your nick do this:
/nick Shiny
and to join a channel do this
/join #drupal
you'll see numbers along the bottom of the screen, these are all the window you have open. Alt + number will change window. To escape out of screen, do Ctrl-A Ctrl-D I find it handy to name my screens so i can find them later. Just use the -S flag
screen -S irc
and run irssi inside. then later when i want to return to irc i do this
screen -r irc

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Comment by barf, on 7-Apr-2008 08:35

some other cool screen tricks:
ctrl-a-c = create new screen
ctrl-a-<0-9> = switch to screen number <0-9>
screen -ls = list all screen sessions available

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