Kiwicon again

, posted: 30-Apr-2008 22:11

The usual suspects have put out a CFP for Wellington's Kiwicon security conference.
Kiwicon2k8 is intended to be an informal conference, drawing on the wider security community of Australia and New Zealand. It will be held in Wellington, New Zealand, on the weekend of the 27th and 28th of September, 2008. Kiwicon's focus is on sharing information; ideas, code, and good whisky, in a rabelaisan carnival of security, nerdery, and *nix beards. Last year, the inaugural Kiwicon ended up being kind of a big deal: highlights included tmasky's mighty Crackstation, the debut of Beau Butler as an "ethical hacker" making Microsoft "look like turkeys", and of course the Kiwicon Hax0r Quiz, with the winner taking the grand prize of An Illustrated Guide to the Commoner Skin Diseases. Hope it came in handy for the post-con diagnosis phase, dude. This year, Kiwicon's own Bogan is already making anti-virus vendors quake in their little signature-laden booties at Defcon's Race to Zero, and the cauldron of 0h-0h-0hday in Brett Moore's secret Insomnia lair is bubbling over with pernicious brew. If you missed last Kiwicon (not "professional enough"? couldn't convince your boss it wasn't a hoax?) then find one of the 230+ people who were there and ask them if they're just-not-gonna-bother this year.
Kiwicon2k8 is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-corporate-funded event. Attendance for the entire weekend will cost $50 for employed individuals (self-employed and salaried). There is a discounted rate of $30 for students and the unemployed. GST receipts can be issued upon request. If your management can't be convinced of the value of something that only costs $50, we're happy to issue you with some kind of personalised limited edition invitation in crayon, glitter pen, and macaroni (spray-painted gold for that luxe look) for the low enterprise-only price of $500.

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Comment by barf, on 1-May-2008 16:43


Comment by Filterer, on 1-May-2008 18:25

I will be back this year again too.

Website is much improved from last year, nice work!!

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